Harold Bettes

Endorsed by Harold Bettes

“Thorpe Engine Development produces Flow Balls and Flow Wands for easy application and use by flow bench testers. The use of Flow Balls and Flow Wands considerably speeds up the flow bench learning process. Clear instructions and excellent workmanship assist the flow tester when using Flow Balls and Flow Wands. The Flow Ball hanger attaches quickly to the flow bench to keep things organized and at your fingertips, ready to use.”

“Thorpe Engine Development produces products with an emphasis on Quality Control and Customer Satisfaction. Their products are unequalled and the instructions are clear so that even a first time flow bench user can get effective results.”

– Harold Bettes

Harold Bettes has formed Power Technology Consultants in order to continue to serve the aftermarket with his expertise in engines, airflow and flowbenches as well as dynamometer systems and test facility design considerations.

Harold Bettes was formally educated in the field of Mechanical Engineering but normally refers to himself as an inquisitive gearhead. Except for the years during his military service, Bettes has been involved in motorsports in one fashion or another for over 45 years. Harold has also been involved in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of test equipment and components for high performance applications for greater than 30 years. Harold Bettes has been directly involved in consulting and designs of specialty equipment that ranges from the motorsports industry to applications for the petroleum industry. He was recognized and honored for his service and dedication to furthering the craft of Mechanical Engineering by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1990. Bettes is a regular resource for magazine writers or authors that need his mentoring or assistance on engines or testing components and data interpretation for their work.

Bettes has presented countless seminars on airflow through engines and engine testing for various schools, colleges, motorsports industry, and OEM groups. Bettes has been a guest speaker and panel participant at meetings of the Society of Automotive Engineers and at OEM engine engineering groups. Bettes has personally written or contributed to many technical articles for magazines, trade publications, and books. Bettes has worked with all the US military service academies and all US military branches. Harold has also been honored for both his wartime and peacetime service to the country and the US military.

Besides numerous other awards that have recognized Harold’s contributions to the industry and crafts, he was also the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Advanced Engineering Technology Conference for a lifetime of dedication to the high performance industry in 2005.

Harold Bettes and co-author Bill Hancock wrote Dyno Testing and Tuning which was published in 2008 by CarTech Books. Harold has just completed (2009) a new book. The Engine Airflow Handbook will be published by HP Books early in 2010.