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Thorpe Engine Development provides high-tech tooling for engine builders, researchers, and developers. We want to assist you in your engine development process by supplying unique tooling that will help you obtain faster and more accurate testing results for engine components.

This kit is one of the most useful tools a flow bench operator can have. Your port flow development work will be more efficient with these flow balls because you get the results you need faster and more accurately.

Are you having trouble ‘seeing’ the air flow in your port? The FlowWand is the tool you need to help you ‘see’ and visualize air flow. It is a simple yet effective tool that will give you LOTS of visual data.

Our products are endorsed by:


“For well over 20 years I have been using Flow Balls in order to hone in on boundary layer and air speed problem areas in intake ports.”


“I use and highly recommend the Quality tools from Thorpe Engine Development such as Flow Balls and Flow Wands.”


“The tools that Thorpe Engine Development makes are top quality pieces.”