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Flow balls will help your engine development program in finding economy or in power development. Knowing where the air is and what it is doing is key to engine development.

Flow balls are a unique tool because they have the ability to both increase and decrease flow in a port. They are not a measuring tool per se. But a tool to induce a change, positive or negative. We then have to interpret the results the tool induced. Did placing a flow ball in a certain spot increase the flow? By how much? And then, why? The same holds true for a negative change. Did the flow ball decrease the flow? Why, and by how much? Answering these ‘why’ questions gives you a direction to head. If you place one of the ½ in. flow balls in a corner radius and nothing happens, or, if you place a ¼ in. flow ball in another corner, and flow decreases – what does that mean? These questions and much more are answered in the instruction sheets included with your flow ball kit.

Flow balls are intuitive tools, helping you visualize what the air is doing, where it is going, and how fast, or slow, it’s approaching the valve. Flow balls will increase your understanding of what’s happening in your port where your port is ‘working’ or not ‘working’, enabling you to redesign or shape your port for optimum flow.

Our kit contains seven precision balls, ranging from ⅛ in. to ½ in., sized in 1/16 in. increments, welded to stainless steel rods. Testing with only one flow ball will only tell you a part of the picture. You need all seven to give you an adequate picture, the more data you have the better decision you can make, formulating a development strategy.

All our rods are marked in 1 in. increments in order to expedite finding a problem area and to return there quickly with another size ball, larger or smaller. They are a real time-saver.

Your port flow development work will be more efficient with these flow balls because you get the results you need faster and more accurately.

Kit contains:

  • 1 ) Flow Ball hanger
  • 7 ) Flow Balls
  • 1 ) straight flag
  • 1 ) 90° flag
  • Six pages of detailed instructions

This kit is one of the most useful tools a flow bench operator can have. Each individual ball can tell you the following about your cylinder head port:

  • where there are “dead” areas
  • where there is turbulence
  • where flow is separating

The flags can tell you:

  • flow direction
  • where there is turbulence
  • where there is laminar flow

These tools will enable you to insightfully do research and design work and “map” your cylinder head port.
Since you can’t see air, you can put these tools in the port, watch and measure changes, and the magnitude of those changes.

Custom sizes and lengths are also available. Just contact us!

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