Flow Wand


Having trouble ‘seeing’ the air flow in your port? The flow wand is just the tool to help you ‘see’ and visualize air flow. It is a simple yet effective tool that will give you LOTS of visual data. The flow wand will show you; areas of laminar flow, areas of turbulent flow, areas of flow separation, air flow direction, and mixture motion. How is the air reacting to the push rod corner? Is the air leaving/ lifting off the floor? Is the air able to stay attached to the short turn, or is it shearing off? These questions and many more are answered in the instruction sheet.

Our flow wand is not a magic wand, but it helps you see the invisible- air. You will learn where the air is and be able to isolate areas of the port into different types of air flow.

Since we can’t see air we have to guess where it is flowing. Our flow wand takes the guess work out of port development. Is the air flow separating in the port? Is the flow staying attached to the floor but leaving the roof? Our flow wand will show you where these changes can occur.

Tube is marked in 1” increments allowing for fast repositioning. String is made of high tensile fibers to resist breaking. A knurled nylon slider allows for quick and easy string adjustment. An extra length of string is also included. Complete with five page instruction sheet.

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