Metric Flow Balls


Our metric flow ball kit contains eight precision balls 2mm to 9mm welded to stainless steel rods. The metric kit is designed for small engines with port sizes up to 32mm (1 1/4” inches), carburetor work or any small passageway you may want to investigate. The 2mm ball is welded to a .035” dia. rod.

Kit contains:

  • 1 ) Flow Ball hanger
  • 8 ) Flow Balls
  • 1 ) straight flag
  • 1 ) 90° flag
  • Six pages of detailed instructions

This kit is one of the most useful tools a flow bench operator can have. Each individual ball can tell you the following about your cylinder head port:

  • where there are “dead” areas
  • where there is turbulence
  • where flow is separating

The flags can tell you:

  • flow direction
  • where there is turbulence
  • where there is laminar flow

These tools will enable you to insightfully do research and design work and “map” your cylinder head port.
Since you can’t see air, you can put these tools in the port, watch and measure changes, and the magnitude of those changes.

Custom sizes and lengths are also available. Just contact us!

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