Darin Morgan

Endorsed by Darin Morgan

“For well over 20 year I have been using flow disruptors (Flow Balls) in order to hone in on boundary layer and air speed problem areas in intake ports. Over the years I have played with many different shapes but always found that varying sizes of ball bearings work the best. The use of Flow Balls are just as important as the velocity probe or the flow bench itself. I would not know what to do without them. If you don’t have them you’re just wasting time and money with the old trial and error approach. Stop guessing where your turbulence or problems area’s are and start designing better ports. Get some Flow Balls!”

– Darin Morgan

Darin Morgan started porting heads in his father’s race engine shop over 25 years ago. He started porting Pro Stock heads in 1989 and the enormous challenge Pro Stock presented hooked him immediately. He has worked for many Professional race teams such as Bob Glidden, Larry Morgan Racing and managed the Induction R&D department at Reher Morrison Racing Engines for well over a decade. After two decades of engineering and designing some of the most powerful induction systems his expertise is sought out by many of the top teams in motor sports. Darin’s cylinder heads and intake manifolds have contributed to countless top qualifiers, track records, world records and land speed records in NASCAR, Truck / Tractor pulling, and numerous professional Drag Racing classes. Darin now works for Profiler Performance Products as their lead designer and product development manager and has just finished designing the new 2010 Ford Pro Stock cylinder head.