Flow Balls

Kit contains: 1) Flow Ball hanger, 7) Flow Balls, 1) straight flag, 1) 90º flag.
This kit is one of the most useful tools a flow bench operator can have. Each individual ball can tell you the following about your cylinder head port:

  • where there are "dead" areas
  • where there is turbulence
  • where flow is separating

                                       The flags can tell you:

  • flow direction
  • where there is turbulence
  • where there is laminar flow

This kit enables you to “map” your cylinder head port.
Since you can’t see air, you can put these tools in the port, watch and measure changes, and the magnitude of those changes.
These tools will enable you to insightfully do research and design work. Learn more...

Flow Wand

Are you having trouble ‘seeing’ the air flow in your port? The FlowWand is the tool you need to help you ‘see’ and visualize air flow. It is a simple yet effective tool that will give you LOTS of visual data.

The FlowWand will show you;

  • areas of laminar flow,
  • areas of turbulent flow,
  • areas of flow separation,
  • air flow direction,
  • mixture motion

Air doesn’t always do what is obvious. Our flow wand will help you see what actually is happening, not what you thought was happening. With the FlowWand you won’t be guessing where the air is, you will be able to ‘see’ it. Learn more...